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  • Caminos & Sabores | 2010-2019
    Caminos y Sabores is one of the most important shows Argentina. Meets promoting value-added ventures at source in all regions of the country, and the importance of enhancing the growth of local production and insertion into the mass market of Buenos Aires.

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The first fair was held in Puerto Madero in October 2005. Over the years the exhibition made ​​a qualitative leap: moved to La Rural in Palermo, a more spacious and comfortable for visitors and exhibitors; grew in number of exhibitors. Year after year the show continued its expansion and consolidation achieved one of its major objectives: Caminos y Sabores hold on through producers, institutions, non-governmental organization and government agencies to the 23 provinces of the Argentina.

Caminos y Sabores, throughout its eight editions, has become one of the fastest growing fairs, in turn promoting the development of all the protagonists: typical food producers, artisans and representatives of tourist destinations. In the 2012 edition of the show drew more than 100,000 people enjoyed the tour of the market, cooking demonstrations, of the lectures and artistic performances.

From the year 2010 to the present, we assume the responsibility of promoting and improving every year digital communication of the Fair.



When we took the direction of this project in mid 2010, inherited a Web site based on technology outdated and not so friendly.

We decided to divide the work into three consecutive phases:
1) maintain the existing platform updated to meet the business objectives of that year, 2) start the year 2011 with a changing pad and a complete redesign of the layout, 3) finally, in 2012, launched the Online Guide of Producers Roads and Flavors, an alternative for visitors of the Fair remain in contact with producers 365 days a year.

During the three years (2010, 2011 and 2012) never neglect the updating information for visitors, exhibitors and events coverage.

We start 2013 with the same commitment and we are currently working on press and marketing team to continue incorporating new Digital Communication Plan.
(more www.caminosysabores.com.ar)

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