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  • ELEA | 2004-2019
    Aiming at reorganizing and renewing the web strategy, we developed a work plan which involved the corporative aspect and product Management. In that way, we could initially reformulate the corporate site to enable the integration of two parallel projects

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The company's history starts 60 years ago, with the development of high complexity products and a profound vocation for investigation. In 1990, as its growth becomes something constant, the company is modernized with a renewed corporate image.

After its first web attempts, Elea consolidates its business divisions and decides to rethink its Internet strategy, exploiting all the tools which the latest technologies offer.


  • We renewed the corporate image, with a quick and dynamic answer
  • We gave a new setting to the existing content and optimized the navigation system.
  • We implemented an advanced content administrator which enabled the management of products catalogs, both in the data uploading stage as well as in the Laboratory specialists’ supervision stage.
  • The same administrator manages the sales force information to obtain better contact with the medical reps.
  • As regards the different Management areas, we worked in projects connected with:
    Mini sites for launching products (Mox 12 hs, Aziatop, among others).
    Web sites for specific Management areas (women's health, Elea Cardio, among others).
    Portals for the spread of medical contents (Low cholesterol, Meningitis, among others)
    Medical societies sponsored by the laboratories.
  • Mail marketing (Launch of products, Newsletters, Corporate communication).
  • SEO, PPC, reports and Analytics.

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