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  • HoySeJuega.com | 2006-2019
    The concept of design has always been linked to game surface. The idea is that you will always be able to find a place to play with your team: "Today we play"

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HoySeJuega.com is a free-of-charge service which helps Latin American users to choose among different alternatives to enjoy their favorite sport: Football. Only on one site the users find the information of the field or club which they are looking for, obtaining the relevant information to decide about it.

The mission of HoySeJuega.com consists of organizing information and making it accessible and universally useful. The vision is to develop a virtual community of Internet users who are passionate about sports.


As regards functionality, we work, beforehand, on a Web 2.0 Web. Thanks to that, football fields and companies can enter the information of their premises and football tournaments. Users can perform advanced searches and give their opinion about the premises.

During the second stage of the process, the community platform was developed so that users could create their profile, upload images, organize matches, form teams and create a players' centre list.

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