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  • Laboratorio Varifarma | 2005-2019
    La especialización de VARIFARMA en Oncología y Trasplantes ha dado lugar a una sólida experiencia en estos campos y le otorga a sus Distribuidores y Representantes la posibilidad de cubrir de antemano las necesidades del Cuerpo Médico y los Pacientes, ofreciéndoles los productos más útiles y actualizados.

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VARIFARMA LABORATORY SA started its activities in March 1995 in order to bring to market pharmaceutical products recognized therapeutic action. Based on the extensive experience of its members and the philosophy of providing products of excellent quality, is that work began introducing medical specialties aimed at the areas of Oncology, Oncohematology and Transplantation.

Since its inception, has aimed VARIFARMA strategic international presence, based on the development and production in Argentina. Following strict GMP and GLP requirements, and being certified by regulatory agencies in the countries where they sell their products, was from 2004 when it was decided to promote the international development of their products, as a first step in the expansion of the Laboratory .


From the various meetings in Varifarma offices were established different requirements and stages. An initial consultation supplemented with sharing customer-oriented supplier and develop a comprehensive plan of the Laboratory in the new media.

On a more general level, the strategy is defined in classic architecture: born corporate site other complementary projects. Technically, we call "satellite" sites products, and meet the objective of functioning as specific channels for different audiences.

Ultimately, digital positioning brands depends primarily on the quality of interaction and user satisfacciíon with these new media content. We worked until today, measuring access, studying the behavior and updating critical information.

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